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General FAQS

Yes. All the work we carry out from heating to insulation is covered by an insurance-backed guarantee. For more details on this, check the insulation or boilers FAQ section.

We are based in Stranraer. We operate across Scotland but the majority of our work is in Wigtownshire and surrounding areas

Yes. All works we carry out will come with a workmanship and manufacturer guarantee/warranty. This is normally emailed to you after installation, but some documents may be left by our installers or sent out via post at your request.


ECO funding will cover almost all of the supply and installation costs, so in most cases, you won't be required to pay any contribution. If you choose to upgrade your boiler/ASHP / warranty or change the install location, you may be asked to pay an additional amount for this. We will always let you know if there is anything to pay before we proceed with works.

Yes. Grants of up to £9000 are available for homeowners who don't qualify through ECO or other schemes from Home Energy Scotland. You can top up your grant with the interest-free loan that they offer on energy efficiency improvements.


Yes. Ideally your loft should be completely clear of all stored items and boards where possible. If you need assistance with this, we can help, but you'll need to let us know before we book your installation appointment.

We conduct a pre-installation inspection for all properties we carry out insulation work in, which includes assessing the existing ventilation of your property and whether or not any upgrades are required. If we have recommended upgrading your ventilation, this will need to be completed as part of our installation. This is factored in to any quote for insulation works, you will not need to pay extra for ventilation upgrades.

Yes. The measure you have installed will dictate the length of time the work is guaranteed for. Insulation works are covered by GDGC and carry up to a 25 year guarantee.


Air source heat pumps shouldn't make more than a low whirring sound providing they're working properly. Generally, they produce noise levels of 40-60 decibels, for comparison, a gas boiler is between 40-60dB and a fridge is around 30-50dB.

In order to keep your guarantee valid, you may be required to service your ASHP annually. The requirements may vary between manufacturers, but it is generally good practice to have this carried out, as you would for a gas boiler.

ASHPs are versatile and can be installed in many locations, but due to the limitations of some houses, we'd need to carefully assess the area to see if you can have an ASHP installed.


We can move your boiler for you, no problem. To do this we'll normally need to carry out a free survey to ensure it is possible and the end result will be compliant with regulations.

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