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In conjunction with other renewable energy measures (Air Source Heat Pump and Solar PV). Eco Gen can install the insulation that is required to bring your property up to the required standard. Eco Gen expertly installs loft, internal wall and room-in-roof insulation. We can help you find installers of external or cavity wall insulation if required.

All exterior walls, roof areas and underfloor insulation can be installed easily and with minimal disruption to you. So, if you are looking to gain maximum energy efficiency, with the lowest environmental impact? Eco Gen Contractors, recommend you should get your home fully insulated.

Eco Gen installs various techniques. When assisting our customers through the Eco funding, or the Home Energy Scotland grants. Eco Gen will ensure that all installations meet the required standards for the funding criteria.

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There are various options for insulating your exterior walls effectively. If poorly insulated exterior walls are identified Eco Gen can help. Eco Gen are experienced in insulating solid walls internally by cladding the wall/s with insulation boards. Then expertly plastering over to leave a fresh, fully insulated wall ready to decorate. This is particularly useful for owners of older, traditional properties. Where external insulation is not appropriate.

Innovative Internal Wall Insulation To Maintain Period Features

Eco Gen is now able to offer an innovative new type of insulation. Which allows any traditional period features to be maintained within older properties. Working in partnership with one of only two installers in Scotland. Who are approved installers. Which means we can successfully insulate your internal walls with minimal disruption.

Are you the owner of an older property? Concerned about the issue of needing to insulate your homes. But faced with the barrier of maintaining period features? Or meeting listed building/conservation area requirements?

External insulation cladding spoils exterior features and current/popular Internal Wall Insulation methods can also spoil internal wall features such as ornate coving.

Eco Gen is now able to offer an innovative new measure - Which allows internal features to be maintained in older properties.

Working in partnership with one of only two installers in Scotland, who are approved to provide these measures. Eco Gen can successfully install internal wall insulation into your older property. With absolutely minimal disruption to you.

Meets PAS2030:2019 specifications - Approved by Home Energy Scotland as a measure for Internal Wall Insulation when applying for funding.


The walls of a building consist of two layers. These two layers are separated by an air gap, known as a "cavity."

A "cavity" was originally included so the moisture could drain away when it travelled through the external brick from outside. But nowadays, modern insulation technology means this area can be insulated without compromising the purpose of the cavity.

How Does It Work?

By drilling small holes at intervals near the top and bottom of your internal wall (avoiding, where possible, any ornate features). Small insulation beading is injected into the cavity between the plasterboard layer and the stone wall. The beads are then bonded with glue which forms a rigid filling inside the cavity. When any further work is carried out on this exterior wall, no loose beads will fall out.

  1. An external wall.
  2. An internal wall (also known as a skin or leaf).
Eco Gen Contractors Roof/Loft Insulation


Looking to reduce your energy bills? The simplest and most effective way, to quickly reduce your energy bills. Is by ensuring your property has a properly insulated roof area.

Did you know 25% of the heat within your home, is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home? Therefore insulating your loft, attic or flat roof. Is a very effective way to reduce this heat loss and further reduce your heating bills.


Installing Room-In-Roof insulation involves insulation boards, being fitted underneath the existing plasterboard walls.
These boards cover the entire sloped ceiling area to the floor. The room may lose up to 300mm of its width. However, the benefits of installing, will offset this small drawback.
The walls are then plastered and made ready for decorating. (If decorating after a Room-In-Roof install is a specific issue. Please discuss this with the team who will be happy to help).

4 Benefits Of Room-In-Roof Insulation:
  1. It keeps converted lofts warm and cosy, making them more comfortable and useable spaces.
  2. Prevents heat escaping through the roof to help maintain comfort throughout the property.
  3. Reduces energy bills.
  4. Increases the value and desirability of a home.


Insulating the ground floor is a great way to keep a property warm.  Eco Gen installs under floor insulation on suspended timber floors. This is done, by lifting the floorboards and laying mineral wool insulation. Which is supported by netting, between the joists.  

Insulating under the floorboards on the ground floor could save you approximately £110 a year in an average-sized property, or up to £180 if you live in a detached house.

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